Common – Home lyrics

[Intro: Minister Louis Farrakhan (sample)] A man who’s genius and freedoms and — Ability to communicate and — To talk, and to touch chords — A man who has the ability and the audacity And the — of God to… Continue Reading

Common – Lovestar lyrics

I’m the sun god, let me warm you Out of my sides the Lord formed you Pull your dress up, ain’t nothin’ formal Our fragrance is patience We can major in communication Relatin’ like cousins, though we kissin’ though Love… Continue Reading

Common – Pyramids lyrics

[Verse 1: Common] A nigga told me he only rhyme for 19-year-olds Nigga, you should rhyme wherever the spirit goes Here it goes, lyrical miracles These are pyramids from the imperial In theory, though, low end scenario It’s sound boy… Continue Reading