Horrible Histories – Aztec Priests Song lyrics

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ain’t staying alive! Want to live until you’re old? Ha! Ha! Ha! In autumn time, we sweep our home and kill some more but then,
By late October, the killings over, then it starts up again! We’re doing it for Itzpapalotlometeotlchiconahuiehecatl,
Errr? [Verse 2]
At an Aztec temples opening day,
We priest would please the gods this way. [Verse 7]
December and January, desmembering methods vary,
All you need to know, is that we pill them high. [Verse 1]
We’re Aztec priests so mind your head,
Our prisoners always wind up dead. Ha! We’re doing it for Itzli, the goddess of stone knives. Ha! You won’t survive! Ha! [Verse 4]
With scarifice, we priest appease,
Our gods each powerful big cheese. Don’t cross us Aztecz, we advise ya! You won’t survive! Ha! You won’t survive! Ha! [Chorus]
Ha! Ha! Or you’ll end up as fertiliser! Ha! [Verse 3]
To win at war, make crops grow more,
To cure our kids when ill. Ha! Ha! May and June, it’s summer time, the killing is easy,
It’s only halfway through the year, bet you’re feeling queasy. Hoards of enemies we’d slay,
Mass sacrifice. Ha! Ha! You won’t survive! [Verse 5]
We’re doing it for Toci, the Aztec goddess of the earth’s heart,
We’re doing it for Chantigo, goddess who makes volcanoes start. Ain’t staying alive! [Verse 6]
Our year starts in november, when every priestly member,
Is asked if they’ll remember, our Aztec dead. Ha! Ha! Our favourite colour is blood red,
We’re not nice. And then on our year planners, it’s the raising of the banners,
And it’s only polite manners, to kill more guys. Yeahhhhh! [Chorus]
Ha! Ain’t staying alive! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ain’t staying alive! Ha! Yeahhh! We do this if you haven’t guessed, by getting something off your chest,
Your heart would proberbly be best, or else your head. Ha! [Chorus]
Ha! Ha! Haaa! Avoid us priests, you’ve been told! Ha! Lets hear it for your favourits please! Ha! The sun to shine, this song to rhyme,
More victims we must kill. Some other gods great lives! Ha!