Horrible Histories – Boudicca lyrics

Everybody talk about dead Romans! Yah! Flayed ’em, slayed ’em
Up and down parade ’em
Boudicca Toughest by far! [Chorus]
No man, Roman’ll
Push around this woman
You won’t get far, with Boudicca
Foeman, yeoman,
Smash the Roman foeman
All say yah! [Hook]
Colchester, London, St. [Intro]
Gonna cause a stink
Won’t be the first to blink
I’m not who you think
Don’t mess with me, I’m Boudicca

[Verse 1]
My husband Presotagus died
He was a Celtic king
I was his queen, so due to me
Was half of everything

[Verse 2]
Roman law gave half to me
So half was what they got
Till their nasty soldiers came
And took the blessed lot

[Verse 3]
Hey mister
I say you got the wrong end of the stick
His answer turned this sister
Into one angry chick! Superstar! Superstar! Slaughtered, dismembered
Our tribe always remember
Boudicca! Boudicca! [Verse 9]
They tried to take me prisoner
So I led the Roman boys on
Instead of giving in to them
I swallowed special poison! You know I’d rather die! [Chorus]
Martyr, smarter
Capturer, non-starter
This was our last hurrah! Boudicca

[Verse 4]
I built a massive army
Headed straight for the city
Beat ’em all with ease
And like me, it wasn’t pretty

[Verse 5]
Chopped ’em and hacked but
What made their red blood curl
Bad enough being beaten
But beaten by a girl? [Verse 7]
We marched on up the Roman road
That’s known as Watling Street
They trapped us in the forest
Then thrashed us to our defeat

[Verse 8]
By now you’d guessed I’m not the kind
Of girl to sit and cry
Be sold a slave to Romans? [Verse 6]
Wacked ’em, smacked ’em
Boy how we attacked ’em
Near and far, ha ha ha!