Horrible Histories – Norman Family Tree lyrics

I’m Henry that Matilda’s son. But she made many enemies. You think that I’m impressed? The throne went to my son. Oh stop causing such a scene! The winner takes it all. [Verse 6]
Age 14, I fought but lost,
So Uncle Stephen stayed as boss. [Chorus]
Gimme, gimme crown and take a chance on me,
I’m heir to the throne not you! It’s only fair. So Empress Matilda never did make queen. [Verse 1]
Starts in 1135, when king Henry, my father, died,
And I think you’ll find named me, Matilda, as his heir. In Oxford I’ll besiege,
And I’ll escape and then,
I’ll join the battle call. Took Stephens army and besieged her. My wife’s also called Matilda,
Quite confusing ’cause we choose to claim
Matilda’s throne as our own. But his nephew, Stephen, said
That crown should be upon my head! More strife! I’m a man and men come first. Just look who I’ve got,
Your half brother, want to swap? [Chorus]
Gimme, gimme crown ’cause next in line it’s me. You can have it when I’m done. Eugh! What? Remember me? I’m Stephens wife. [Intro]
Here’s the tale of me, Matilda,
And my fight with cousin Stephen to succeed
Henry first’s throne. Ah-ha! [Verse 5]
I was trapped so faked my death! Everybody happy? Oh, I do, I do, I do! Ah-ha! [Verse 4]
Made royal councilors agree,
That she lacked femininity. You got that? Ah-ha! Should be dancing queen. Who should be ruler, mamma? Was proclaimed first English Lady. Hid in coffin, held my breath. [Verse 3]
Fought in Lincoln,
She caught me. When Steve without a voulez vous,
Took throne from me. [Verse 2]
Had married Geoffrey of Anjou,
Stuck in France not Waterloo. Knowing Mum, knowing you. Good! Think you’ll get it back,
Now that I’d like to see! [Chorus]
Gimme, gimme hubby and we’ll fight again. Well I’m not. Mia! Here’s the story of our spat. When my son died,
Had no heir which was a bind. [Verse 7]
Sadly my darling Matilda,
Caught a fever and it killed her. Here we go again. Escaped! I gave up my dream
To build a royal dynasty.