Horrible Histories – Victorian Inventions lyrics

Ooooh. [Verse 6]
Type writers and radios, now news was fast conveyed. We invented lights bulbs. Cheers! Hello? A chap called Henry Bessemer invented molten steel
Which led to other chaps creating the automobile
Which let to petrol, tires and bikes so all that was required
Was roads so concrete came and tarmac thought up to

[Verse 4]
Your hired! Flashbulb cameras to use. [Chorus]
Oooohhh, barometers were new
Iron ships a coo
What genius! Invented… Sewing machines, X-rays, comics, ice cream in a pot. Concrete, tarmac, steel. Is that all? Nice one! What did we invent then? What a picture! [Chorus]
Vacuum cleaners, toilet paper, postboxes and stamps
Toilets, aspirin, anesthetics, locks, electric lamps. Easter eggs and rockets, we invented the whole lot. [Hook]
What a picture! Ooo…! Hello! [Verse 2]
Well I’m just about to mention,
Drum roll please lets raise the tension
We invented this. A telephone was no good till a second phone was made. [Boom]
We… The year after Victoria died. [Bridge]
Cuddly toy? Seems we’re almost through

Just one little oversight… [Intro]
Twas the age of queen Victoria
A period notorious
So many brand new goods we did create. Hang on there’s more

Trains and lines and bridges and the underground as well. Invented 1902. Music hall. [Verse 3]
Well… Victorians invented the worlds first conveyor band. [Verse 7]
Our inventors did not snooze,
Always had another rouse. The latest flushing loo
Films that did amuse. Dynamite. Thank you. Paddle steamers prams and disinfectant for their smell
Sterile doctors instruments, one last unmentioned brand. [Verse 5]
Victorian brains worked over time to come up with ideas. The automobile
Seal of rubber wheel
Such inventive zeal
Still there’s plenty to reveal. [Verse 1]
Our list is long and glorious,
Though I don’t intend to borious
Was a time of great invention

Was it really?