Love Never Dies – Til I Hear You Sing lyrics

Time crawls by. I turn and it fades away
and you’re not here! My Christine, my Christine. Without you what are they for? [Verse 1]
The day starts, the day ends. Night steals in pacing the floor. Let them die! Still you don’t through the door,
And in a haze I count the silent days
’til I hear you sing
once more. Still I ache down to the core. [Verse 3]
And music, your music,
it teases at my ear. [Intro]
Ten long years living a mere facade of life. The moments creep, yet I can’t bear to sleep
’til I Hear you sing. My broken soul can’t be live and whole
’til I hear you sing
once more. I always feel no more than halfway real,
’til I hear you sing
once more! Lost and gone, lost and gone… [Chorus]
And years come, and years go. [Chorus]
And weeks pass,
And months pass. In my mind I hear melodies pure and unearthly,
But I find I can’t give them a voice without you. Seasons fly. [Verse 2]
And sometimes at night time
I dream that you are there,
But wake holding nothing but the empty air… Ten long years wasting my time with smoke and noise. Time runs dry. [Chorus]
Let hopes pass,
let dreams pass.