Bamil – Where Were The Angels? lyrics

When she needed most

I don’t wanna sound like judging
The master of the world,
But where were the guardians? Where were the angels? Where were the angels? Who would save a soul to be bloodshed. Where Were The Angels? Where were the angels? Sadly wasn’t that way
And her suffering indescriptible
When i read the news
I shed some tears
And i couldn’t believe was real,
How a little angel could have spent her short life
In a hell disguised like heaven
And i’m asking myself when a thing like this keep happening
Where were the angels? This little one who only lived to 10
With a big world to enjoy ahead
So fragile and so tender
And didn’t know from right or wrong. Sadly she passed away
In the worst way never imagined
She didn’t know about faith
She didn’t know about fate
She just want to live in no danger
Oh Lord how let this little one
Unprotected and so opened
Where were the angels? (Based On A True Story)
Music + Lyrics By
Bamil Gutiérrez Collado
(Sacred Healing Songs/ASCAPC2016
All Rights Reserved)

She was just a little girl
Innocent and sweet
Who lived for a moment
In a world fulfilled of greed. When she needed most

She’s not here anymore,
But i hope justice prevail
And the ones who killed her dreams
And the ones who killed her fly
And the ones who killed her walk
Will burn in hell,
But not before they taste a piece
What it feels to die alive. Where were the angels? She trusted her little temple
To the one she thought could be
The person who will protect her
And loved her like nobody else.