ISAAC VACUUM – Double Helix lyrics

Like a spiral ornament it screws itself upwards through the ether
The same axis
Shared with its twin
Shared with its mirror
Without any haste
Without any aim

At least they’re not alone
Although they never meet
Deep inside they know
It’s all in vain

Like a viral infection it grows
On desolation, knows
There is no salvation
Everybody knows
The weaker you are
The weaker you get
What’s under your skin
Is under attack

At least you’re not alone
Although you never feel so
Deep inside you know
It’s all…

Chained together, moving parallel
Often crossed but never hit
Double helix striving for an end
Twisted by coincidence

Like a spiral ornament it drills itself
Deep into the darkest depths (to find)
Peace in the last what lasts
Shoulders carrying loneliness
Don’t care about them
Don’t care ‘bout back then
This is what we call now
Now is what we feel

At least we’re not alone
Although we never feel so
Deep inside we know
It’s all…