JubyPhonic – Hitorinbo Envy lyrics

Call me a phantom, never meant to be
Couldn’t be more fun to party and scream

My, oh my, oh walk your way to me
Clap you hands, we’re traveling to the beat
Why, oh why, oh hurry up and leave
And again I come to see, I’ve beeen a very bad girl

Dreaming in color, burned it in my mind
But then I wake up with black a raven hands alive
Well, I was chosen to burn inside
Couldn’t be more fun to whistle and sing

Crawling, crawling out tonight and see
Everyone up scrambling to the beat
Easy easy, envy all you need
Dancing on without a clue, she’s been a very blind

Counting 1, 2, 3 and 4 you better go and hide
Hiro-kun, Haru-chan, two that I find
Three and just don’t be it, barely breathing out a sigh
You caught me before I could try

My, oh my, oh walk your way to me
Clap your hands, we’re traveling to the beat
I’m shivering slowly, raise a foot to leave all alone sing bye bye

Find me, find me LOVE, I’m on my knees
Reach a hand but pricks me till I bleed
Fine? Easily playing, never bat an eye
Weeping and posing, another perfect alibi
Every day lonely, I’d rather play a game
Like a slow stream of honey I crave
Looking at you now, yes, and even you
Was I unneeded? swen eyes I broke to see
We’ll again come play the game… Was I just in the way, too? tomorrow, no one
Has to know oh fine?