Larry Santos – Talk To Me, Baby lyrics

Have I disappointed you somehow? I know something is wrong
But I’ve loved for so long
Maybe I’ve been blind to what I see

Repeat Chorus

Talk, talk, talk to me, baby

Loving you, it’s all I want to do
If I’m sure that you’re feeling the same way too
Through the night
I know you need something more
So let’s get it on
Let’s not wait any longer

Repeat Chorus

Talk to me, baby Baby, it’s all right
You can turn on the light
I can tell you want to talk to me
Making love this time
Would I see in your eyes

(So) talk, talk, talk to me, baby
Talk, talk, talk to me, baby
And when we’re through
Nothing’s troubling you
And that’s when I make love to you

Baby, I’m listening
Is there something I’m missing?