Paper Heart – Happen Again lyrics

You think all it takes is a kiss on my cheek and I’m yours
I guess appealing to my inner man you’ll ignore
You’re the first girl I’ve met who comes in like the wind
You come on strong, leave then start again
You start all over again. It’s not the first time that I’ve made that mistake
But when you’re single those are the risks that you take
I let it happen again
I let it happen again. For me it takes more to sustain a relationship than lust
I guess thinking I could change you was a bust
It seems to always end up this way
They get all steamy then it all gets strange
Then it all gets strange. I thought all it took was a little spontaneity and you’d melt
I guess telling you I (blank) ed you didn’t help
Your agenda was not to get that close
I messed that up when I let my feelings show
I let my feelings show. I didn’t think I’d wind up in second place
Or that you’d leave me without a trace
I watched it happen again
I watched it happen again. It’s the first time that I’ve played that game
But you’ll be the last woman who’ll put me through a change
It won’t happen again
It won’t happen again.