Napoleon Da Legend – Half A Mill Lyrics

One of the other
Easy to get on drugs, easy to sell drugs
It’s easy to get into a fight, it’s easy to fight
Easy to get killed, it’s easy to kill somebody
You know what I’m saying, it’s that easy, seriously.”
Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1]
Love ain’t part of equation often
This world can leave you abandoned
Like an Albanian Caucasian orphans
Funeral service with a black man playing organ
IRS in ya pockets you gotta pay em often
Straight morphed into a blade brain lazer sharp
Analyzing all the angles and I played the part
We was born amazingly smart study the ancient arts
Toxic energy I block off like H&R
The streets my A&R block after block promotion
Church and Ocean celebrate and pop mimosas
I drop notions for ya third eye to open
And glide over the ocean give fallopians slow convulsion
I make ya mindstate reach Ketosis
Decompose ya whole anatomies and
Have you reach ya peak emotion
They wanna ban my music so I hand to hand my music
I’m addressing all the foul gossip and the rumors
I’m not chance the rapper I’m not trans rapper
Transform and slap ya I’m an advanced form of matter
Humanoid I twist ya joints up like rheumatoid
A lloyd of London with the power of a super droid
A sly cyborg a sci-fi lord
I don’t abide by laws a sense of pride I would die for
I’m darfour times four and it’s a mind war
You was born to be a god why you living blind for
Napoleon Da Legend [verse 2]
Blessings to the ancestors resting in the infinite
Don’t put a limit on me these bullets indiscriminate
I stare white supremacy in its face and demonstrate
That I cannot integrate something that I originated
Im way beyond what small minds can grasp
Anybody break my projects down I send em my congrats
No weapon made by man can stop me this is prophecy
There’s no game without me no Trag… without Khadaffi
That’s like pistol without a trigga party without no liquor that’s now cypher like Flipmode without a Diggah
That’s like yo f*ck that I’m just a scientist
Ahead of my time the lines I spit ain’t even mine yet
A thousand year out of my prime riding a comet
I can see ya great-grand son writing a comment
Ain’t a stage big enough to hold my weight my soul can make waves motivate the whole of the culture to go be great
In this reality we co-create exfoliate
Dumb motherf*ckers some of y’all shouldn’t pro-create
All u do’s appropriate I’m a repo
And when I speak truth to power watch the people repost
You coward we pull ya peacoat Time to reload
Bruise ya ego the Eloheem got em emo
I’m a keep spreading the math until all of the masses fell
Minus the mass appeal Rest In Peace Half a Mill Half a Mill [intro]
“Growing up in the projects is like
You trying to find the right road
There’s a million roads to choose from
These streets will definitely make you
Or break you, teach you how to be a man
Or clown.