Jahaziel – Help Me God Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I don’t rap about letting the steel bang
But I still bang tracks
To make noise like steelbands
I spit the Gospel Truth
Got a heart for the youth
So I put my heart in the booth
Till I die harder than Bruce
That’s what the Lord’s will is (Willis)
I ain’t a false witness
I’m exalting the Son’s cross
Cause we’re all sinners
Check the Diagram
If you think I’m lying man
Any man who says he’s never lied
Is a liar man
Yea I got weaknesses
But when my weakness speaks
I don’t believe in what my weakness says
I believe in the One Who told me
I can do all things
Cause surely if the Lord is for me
I don’t care what’s against
See I was sent to be a voice to the streets
My joy’s to reach
And the label is Preacha Boy
So you know that your boy’s preaching
And you know how we roll
G-O-D’s the C-E-O
We gon’ pump it till the speakers blow
And let the people know
That He can free their soul
[Verse 2]
Every day I got my eyes to the hills
From whence cometh my help
If I seem strong
You know this strength ain’t of myself
You don’t know how I fell
Fell flat on my face
Crawled back on my knees
He brought me back by His grace
Now I’m back on the case
Closing the mouths of my critics
The haters, doubters and cynics
Told me
I’m out of my limits but
God’s far from finished with me
In fact He just started
So if that makes me a target
Well then maybe I’ll get martyred
But hey
What better way for me to live
Than be a soldier
Spitting heat for Jehovah
Not spiritually mediocre
Trying to reach a culture
Who’s living la vida loca
So close to the edge
Hope they preparing to meet Jehovah
But they ain’t
Ready for Him
They turning their head ignoring
That’s why I steady be touring
So many can hear the calling
Ain’t promised
For nobody
But today is the day
For you to holler at the Lord and be saved
[Verse 3]
It’s been a long road
I’ve seen some sore affliction
Along the way I wasn’t always what you call a Christian
But God was always listening
Even when He saw I dissed Him
Walking contradiction
Missionary with a porn addiction
But I was born a victim
Now born-again a victor
Promoting the Lord of Scripture
If you broke
God can fix ya
That’s from a soul survivor
Yea I’m a holy rider
Cause the Holy Ghost inside me
Guides me like a chauffeur driver
Let’s get something clear
Reason why I’m up in here
Cause the King of kings
Is pulling my strings
Like a puppeteer
Yea I’ve been disappointed
But you know the kid’s anointed
I’m slipping out the devil’s hold
Like I’m triple-jointed
Stronger with each test and
I’m wiser with each lesson
I rise up and keep pressing
For the Prize I’ve been predestined
Chasing the dream
On point like a laser beam
My ways have been cleaned
You know the name of my team
Wise Counsel