R. Kelly – The Interview Lyrics (feat. Suzanne Lemignot)

And that’s the question of the night, the loot Yeah
Well, do they make you happy? I’d say they turn me on but I ain’t say they made me happy
Well, how do you feel about award shows? It’s the, ayy, man, save me one of those Cubans. Put it like this, hold on, man! How do you feel? How do you feel about that? Man, it feels good. Kelly, hi, Irene Vegas with Facts On Fame, I want to ask you some questions
Go right ahead
Well, first of all, I’ve got to say, this grand opening is the bomb. Kelly right now
Let’s see if we can get the facts
R. Yeah, it feels good though
Well, let me just put it like this, what makes R. Make me happy? Hold up, I’m coming. What turns R. Kelly]
Hi, this is Irene Vegas for Facts On Fame and we’re here at R. Do those things make you happy? Well you know, award shows like, win an award. Uh-huh
Would you say they turn you on? What you mean? Doggish
Well, aren’t we being honest? You and all these lovely honies here tonight
Oh, is that right? You want the facts though
Well, since you put it like that, let me ask you some other questions. Kelly on? It feels good to win anything though
But does it make you happy? Kelly happy? Kelly’s packed out Rockland Cafe’s grand opening and what an event this is
Let me tell you, there are celebrities here from all over the globe
The players, the top ballers are here
The finest cars, from Bentleys ajours to V12’s just rolling in
Oh, speaking of top ballers, here’s R. What turns me on? [Skit: Suzanne Lemignot & R.