Napoleon Da Legend – Rei Of Hope Lyrics

and finally you are free… [Napoleon Da Legend verse]
I try my best to see the good in things
See the good in people
Accept things for what they are not what could have been
Some friendships left me broken-hearted
Guess that’s what makes these beats feel so cathartic
My moms older and she’s still growing that impresses me
When you die, you don’t keep your jewels and the accessories
Listening to Lauryn’s first project
Feeling the vibe as I think about my progress
Nobody used to care, I couldn’t sell a copy
Used the art to free myself from the melancholy
Painting pictures as beautiful as female bodies
Sitting on the balcony watching the world’s folly
With a sense of pride and a hidden smirk
Cause I’m still alive all this time and I made it work
Looking at faces in the crowd with their smiles on
Reminisce on the past when problems used to pile on
Without a solution in sight
Would say a prayer in the booth every night
My song is like a vision board, spoke it to existence and you start talking different when the kids involved
Doing workshops in middle schools and prisons
To motivate to find their truth and break through the system
That’s rigged against us, fascinating by these gangstas
Who broke the rules so to elevate the way they living
I love life love my brothers and my sisters
My vibe is like an old school song from the whispers
It’s a kaleidoscope of blessings
Pockets full of hope I wrote out my own legend
On my own terms and that’s nobody else’s
Compromise myself for none that’s no exception
From cell blocks to cement blocks we get shell shocked
My goal is a house in the woods with a mailbox
A backyard where I can grow crops no prob
A blue lake where I can watch a goose graze with a flock
Flowers bloom birds chirp, you can smell the sunshine
Laying back with the queen of my world and unwind
Cool breeze rustling thru the leaves true indeed
With peace superseding any feeling u perceive
Universal law what u ask for you receive
Find yourself reconnected to the source…..