Napoleon Da Legend – Bklyn Lyrics

Napoleon [intro]
Welcome one, welcome all
This is Napoleon Da Legend
I’m gonna take you on a short journey through Brooklyn
Home of the Notorious B.I.G., Rest in Power king
The late Sean P, Rest in Power King
Guru Rest in Peace. Let’s pay homage, rest in peace to all
The fallen soldiers in the struggle. Brooklyn Baby, spread love
That’s the Brooklyn Way
Chorus [DJ Scribe scratches]:
Brooklyn New York City
Those who live in Brooklyn know just what I’m talking
Brooklyn New York City where they pain murals of Biggie
Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1]
Let’s start from the place where stars is created other incarcerated
Barber shops top 5 artist’ll get debated
Icons is celebrated Hip hop was elevated
Success next to the jaded felons who fell in the matrix
Underworld black economy flourish so many tourists
Many determined to make it some depressed and discouraged
Cutthroat skirmishes amongst the Murderers gorgeous ladies on Flatbush walk around with provocative curvature
Others evicted on the corner with their furniture
Snakes they want a hand out never wanna earn with cha
Cut em lose luxury coupes hustlers move stuck in a slave
Record deal thousands of bucks to recoup
Cuffing this loot stomp the pavement with construction boots
Winners always bounce back other self-destruct when they lose
Plus government corruption is true not a conspiracy
Where you’ll see ya favorite rapper move without security
It’s Brooklyn
Chorus [DJ Scribe scratches]
Napoleon Da Legend [verse 2]
It’s yet to be determined if you certified perspective non-commercialized
After the death of a rapper only the words survived
Only the greatest leave a legacy I do this for my therapy cause cops be locking us up arbitrarily
Skating in a Jeep Cherokee presidential like I’m Aristide
Cats’ll try stick you for a pair of jeans
Bedstuy to Bushwick pushing them whips
More then half hour to Coney Island Brooklyn is big
U can’t survive on just single hustle crime masterminds will throw u in casket without moving a single muscle
Chicks front like love you they wanna rob ya cheesing like you hit the Lotto gassed up thinking you with a model
Non-fiction novel everyday unraveling
The realist move in silence perpetrators keep on babbling
Baseheads and alcoholics zombies on the sidewalks
Arguments is always sparking up just peep the dialogue
Children on they way to class we hood and not ashamed of that
They love us got my buzz up now I’m getting paid in cash
Notorious for griminess and slang kid
It’s Brooklyn you know what time it is we do our thang
Chorus [DJ Scribe scratches]
Napoleon Da Legend [verse 3]
Gotta be chemicals in the water we drinking that make us different
Got us thinking of more creative ways to make a living cause
Everybody scheming the populations increasing
The blocks is getting gentrified and
Profits getting squeezed
We keep our legends memories alive on the wall
Sean p died and we celebrate the life of the God
Hop on the Q cross over the bridge to make moves
Be cautious cause these snakes will try to eliminate you
East New York to Brownsville, Flatbush too
Every soldier is official not ya average crew
Serenaded by Ambulance sirens at night
A grimy gentleman I had to learn to balance it right
Peep the scenery mahogany police up in the lobby
My neighbor from the next door recently caught a robbery
Its death or jail so much pressure even best fail
Y’all live large we be living in double XL
You can tell from the motion and the way that we walk
What we repping is that Brooklyn New York don’t get it twisted