Napoleon Da Legend – Legends Never Die Lyrics

What do we have here now? No disrespect either you racist or that animal logic
Guns drawn at the car like they ready to blast
Checking the I.D.s and registration getting harassed
Meanwhile they get a call saying a suspect is caught
They threw our ids right out on the street and peel off La la la la la la la
[verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend]
Melancholic Yesterday the sky color was scarlet
I’m Sitting silent reminiscing on my days in college
Alcoholic liquor store run little to no funds having fun
On prowl for these chicks like a shogun
Freestyling in the car amped up we hearing ambulances
Cops telling us to put our hands up
“What’s the problem officer? You gonna ride or die? [hook: Napoleon Da Legend]
Come with me
Hail Mary will you come quick see? you think I’d blast a gun then go to party? What do we have here now? La la la la la la la
[verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend]
2Pac Shakur struck a cord in my core I tried to process
And morn, copping a forty at the corner store torn
You was a soldier and a leader both now your ghost roams
So complex, codes you left to decode in ya poems, sold concepts
Sold out shows and live concerts
Some think you still roaming around alive and on earth
A rebel against oppression with aggression in ya message
Controversy followed every step took it wrote ya legend
Accusations and allegeds’ ya voice embodied struggle
Embodied excellence ya work ethic embodied hustle
You against the world, but you provide us with hope
In many top fives you regarded as the G.O.A.T
Juice, Above the Rim, we loved the movies
You help raise us for better or worse a lot of love you gave us
We need it more than ever, Pac forever shine
Celebrate his life together cause legends never die
[hook: Napoleon Da Legend]
Come with me
Hail Mary will you come quick see? we wasn’t driving and the car was parked we in the parking lot ready to bar hop”
He said “there’s been a shooting and the car match the description”
I drive a green corolla I don’t need a statistician
What the f*ck? You gonna ride or die?