Sneakbo – Last Night In Brixton Lyrics

Special, on the beat
If I treat you like my brother then I love you (Love you)
Always got my back, bro I got you (Got you)
Never had no money but we share food (Share that)
Kicked out, let you sleep in my spare room
Oh Lord I’m just tryna go the right way (Right way)
Blud I’m reppin’ for mine, this ain’t Crime Pays (Crime Pays)
I was facin’ life but then I bussed case (Bussed)
I really bussed the M, that’s when my life changed
Now I’m whizzing around, I’m with my broski
Grew up in Bricky, now I’m an OG
Still hustlin’ hard, I don’t go sleep (Go sleep)
Just elevate and try to motivate my homies
They get harrassed and dragged up by the police (Police)
They hate to see me flex, they see the Rollie (Rollie)
They see the merch and range, they know my address
I’m livin’ up in the woods, but still out here
What a madness
Brothers keep dyin’ (Dyin’)
I think my dargs mum stressed out, cryin’ (Cryin’)
My lil’ nigga run the block, he been ridin’ (Ridin’)
I’m just outside grindin’, uh (That’s right)
I’m really tryna make it
Any [?] I get, man take it (Uh)
Pedal bike days, now I pull up in a spaceship (Uh)
Black girls, white girls, I ain’t no racist (Uh)
Offer then the pipe, and they all wan’ take it, make it
I just can’t live basic
They ain’t gotta like but they ratin’
Ten years in the game, blud I’m workin’ a nine, even thirty
Everything curtains
Shut down shows, I been killin’ the games
I got tracks on tracks, man, lettin’ it rain
I got tracks ’bout girls, got tracks for friends
I got tracks for the streets, got tracks for days
I said I need ya (I need ya)
Work of art you like Nina (Nina)
We take trips, Dubai, we blow sisha
She look thick tonight, that body meaner (Meaner)
That body shake right, body lookin’ righteous (Righteous)
We’re livin’ life tonight, there’s no sirens (Sirens)
I wanna vibe tonight, so no violence (Violence)
I’m gettin’ drunk tonight, so who’s drivin’? (Woo)
I love livin’ my life, I like flexin’ (Flex)
I like chattin’ to girls that like sexin’ (Sex)
I’m tryna f*ck up the night, forget texting
I’m gettin’ straight to the point, I’m on the next ting
That’s right