Project Youngin – From The Bottom Lyrics

Call up Subzero, tell him get the gang together
You know, All-gold Sniper, Walldog
Doctor Gucci, Jeezy, BBG Base
Can’t believe everything you hear ’bout a bitch, these niggas be hurtin’
They probably in they feelings, they ain’t winning, keep on hating, it ain’t workin’
I’ma do me regardless
Last bitch, she left me heartless
Came from the bench but now I’m startin’
Gotta watch my back, I’m too important
Bitches tryna kiss me when they meet me, they trippin’ (Lil’ bitch, you trippin’)
Blue face Rollie, bust down like I’m crippin’ (Longway, Longway)
You’d think I work at Popeyes how I’m servin’ all these chickens
Used to wear the same ‘fit five days a week, I’m on my grind, time is tickin’
I was 17, clutchin’ on that Glock
That bitch hold seventeen, posted on the block
Then I fell in love with them flip phones, ringin’ nonstop
Slidin’ in them rentals, window tinted, sellin’ hella rocks
And I’m still in the hood sellin’ crack so f*ck your cellphone
And f*ck your deal, I’m up a hundred thousand
Off three for the dub, I was coppin’ joes
I’m doin’ a hundred for that money, screamin’ f*ck patrols
I don’t bend, I never fold, can’t pay a bitch to say I told
They only way I drop a dime is if that change fall out my pocket
Same pocket where that Glock at, one in the head, ain’t gotta cock it
I be lyin’, I said I ain’t proud of myself, so call me cocky
How can I lose? Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
I’m with the same gang, man, ain’t no switchin’ lanes
Smoke, Smoke, Smooky
All that lame shit gon’ get your brains hit
What you tell ’em, Nel? Free Chauncey, nigga, ’til he’s free
Bitch [Intro]
DJ Swift on the track
Ayy Smoke
What’s up, brother? I came from the bottom
Started with nothin’, I’m ’bout to go shoppin’
It’s a new year but I’m the same, new money, new chain
New riches, same gang, new bitches, we gon’ train
More haters, more paper, fast forward for destination
Got a lil’ smarter, now I’ma only make it harder for my haters
‘Cause I came up from nothin’ at the bottom
How can I lose? I started with nothin’, now I got a whole lot of money
But I came up from nothin’ at the bottom
They say more paper, more problems
But f*ck them niggas, I’ma get them dollars
Ayy, it’s lil’ Project Youngin, man, can’t tell me nothin’, man
You already know
It’s the Youngin, ho
BBG shit, man
RIP Boola, RIP Bighead, you heard me?