Swaco Tha Illest – Splash Lyrics (feat. Modo)

Woah woah
Aye aye
Wave zero
Get the gas
Wavy nigga with some tats
Put a hunnid on that ass
If she wanna throw it back (back)
Get the gas
Wavy nigga with some tats
Put a hunnid on the dash
Press the pedal make it fast (fast)
Throw it back like a boomerang
Gimme that call it pootie tang
Super saiyan
If a nigga really want some beef
You can bring it up the street (bitch)
If that’s really what you need (hey)
Know I got it
Got a couple grams in my polly pocket (pocket)
Couple bitches in the closet
Want me to munch on they carpet
But I don’t do nothing if its just for the free
So if shawdy want the dick then she got have to pay fee
Kung fu how I kick it
And the lord as my witness
Im with NCAT to death
I got BS on the left
Bumping dom ken
Driving smoother then some gin
Going down
I’m from a quiet town
Know i’m world wide
Told that game open wide
I don’t walk I just glide (uh oh)
Takeoff migos I just fly (uh oh)
Don’t call me KJ you don’t know me
I go way back glass in sobi
Listening to kobi
Smooth how to flow be
Score like a goalie