Shawn Phillips – Believe In Life Lyrics

I got time to love you
I got time to make you mine
We got time to make the circle in the best part of our lives
But the worst part of the waiting is the time that you’re away
And I ain’t denyin’ that I feel like cryin’
When the plane takes off again
And it all depends on if you’re feelin’ fine
We are made of sunbeams
We are made of molten glass
We can light the fire of living
We can learn with an ugly past
We can roar into the future
Like a bull with battered brains
And it’s a mighty thin line
‘Tween livin’ and dyin
And all these stupid games
And it all depends on if you use your mind
All the world is spinning ’round
Slow and sure and voidly bound
To keep the weed of life alive
To take back those who won’t survive
Whether in the air or the wind tossed sea
Life is gonna be there that you see
We’re the only ones that sit and count the hours
And all the stars and all the flowers
And the myriad means to accrue our powers to shape the hand of fate
His name is destiny
And if we can refrain from the game of pain
There’s nobody left now to place the blame
I see no reason why we can’t go on in life
I say life I believe in something, I do believe I believe in life
I do believe that the sun is shining, on the other side of the night
And I know that we are growing
We should spread through the land
We got time, and it ain’t no crime
To want to hold your brother’s hand
And it all depends on if you’re feelin’ fine!