Shawn Phillips – Summer Vignette Lyrics

He will squire his gentle lady
Through the chores of being hazy
While he waits to be believed that he is home
And the double toil of living makes it so much more fulfilling
When she comes into his arms
She keeps him warm
Then she bestows her favors gently
Then she scratches him perversely
And he loves it when her lips descend and sigh
Then he thinks of getting bolder
But he knows he’s getting older
And he knows that they will live until its
Time keeps rolling
All is growing
And the time is passing by them
And she knows she can’t deny him
All the love she has to give
And so much more
And like the seasons and the weather
He will love her more than ever
She’s the woman that he wants to call his own
On a summer day bye and bye
With a lone cloud in the sky
And the light that’s in your eye
I see you
On a summer day bye and bye
On a summer day bye and bye