Spain fines Belgian prince for party trip violating coronavirus rules

Spain, Italy and other European countries ease lockdown restrictions

The 28-year-old prince, a nephew of the Belgian king, has 15 days to appeal the fine.Spain has suffered more than 27,000 coronavirus fatalities and imposed strict lockdown rules which are due to be fully lifted at the end of the month. Coronavirus: The Race To Respond

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Gatherings of no more than 15 people were allowed in the southern area under measures imposed to fight the pandemic.Two days after the party, the same person from Belgium tested positive for coronavirus, the report said. Joachim, who arrived at the end of May, admitted the offence after website El Confidencial broke the story. met a total of 27 friends and acquaintances on May 26 at a Cordoba residential building”. The fine was “for breaking confinement, which he has recognized, he’s been notified and 10,400 euros are required,” the official said.The website leaked a report from the regional health authority that “a person who had travelled from Belgium… Elisabetta Villa/Getty

Cordova, Spain — Belgium’s Prince Joachim has been fined 10,400 euros ($11,800) in Spain for violating coronavirus lockdown rules on a trip to the Andalusian city of Cordoba, a government official told AFP on Wednesday. Spain fines Belgium’s Prince Joachim for attending party in violation of coronavirus rules

June 11, 2020 / 5:36 AM

Princess Maria-Laura of Belgium and Prince Joachim of Belgium attend the wedding of Prince Amedeo of Belgium and Elisabetta Maria Rosboch Von Wolkenstein at Basilica Santa Maria in Trastevere, July 5, 2014 in Rome, Italy. First published on June 11, 2020 / 5:36 AM