Russia won’t congratulate Biden with Trump’s legal challenges pending

Biden will strive to normalize relations and recover trust, at least.”I am confident that Russia needs good relations with the U.S. Speaking to reporters on a conference call, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow believes, “it is proper to wait for an official announcement.”Allies expect Biden to re-engage on crises from climate to nuclear standoffs Russia has been accused of interfering in the 2016 U.S. 01:33

Moscow — Russia’s government said on Monday that it would wait for an announcement of the official results of the U.S. Russia closely monitoring U.S. presidential election before Russian leader Vladimir Putin makes any public comment on its outcome, noting the court challenges launched by President Donald Trump’s lawyers. Analysis on President Trump’s legal strategy


“In any case, we hope that it will be possible to establish a dialogue with the next president of the United States and to agree on paths toward normalizing our bilateral relationship,” Peskov said. While there’s no indication the situation is set to change quickly under the Biden-Harris administration, former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev has voiced hope that Mr. election for four years now, trying to help get Mr. state results must be certified by mid-December when the Electoral College meets. as well,” Gorbachev told Russian state media on Sunday. No verified evidence has been presented thus far of election fraud in the U.S. media have called the election, Mr. Trump elected, American intelligence agencies have said, likely in hope that he would prove a more friendly choice for Moscow. He recalled that four years ago, “there were no announcements of a legal challenge of the vote.”Peskov declined to say what announcement in the U.S. Biden to be the election winner on Saturday, given official state tallies of counted ballots putting him over the required 270 elector threshold in the Electoral College. Trump has not given up the fight.Relations between the two countries have been hovering around Cold War-era lows for the past six years. Again this year American officials said Russia was interfering to “denigrate” Mr. elections


Asked what the difference was between the election results this year and the ones in 2016, when Putin promptly congratulated the president-elect, the Kremlin spokesman pointed to Mr. Trending News

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“There are certain legal procedures ahead, which were announced by the incumbent president, so this situation is different,” Peskov said. Unlike many of his European counterparts, who quickly posted congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden on Saturday, Putin had issued no official statement as of Monday. Trump’s opponent. would meet the Kremlin’s threshold to accept the election results. Russia says Putin won’t congratulate Biden with Trump’s “legal challenge” pending

By Alexandra Odynova

November 9, 2020 / 12:14 PM
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Russia’s leadership has repeatedly denied the accusations as unsubstantiated. All U.S. on a significant scale, but the legal challenges will have to be considered individually by courts.CBS News, along with virtually all other major media outlets, projected Mr. “Particularly because an important field of bilateral relations, the security and stability field, concerns not only our two nations but in fact all nations in the world.”Putin’s spokesman stressed that: “President Putin has repeatedly said that he will show respect for any choice of the American people and will be ready to work with any president-elect of the United States.”

Russian state media coverage has highlighted the fact that while U.S. Trump’s court challenges to the legitimacy of thousands of ballots. “But not at any cost, of course.”
First published on November 9, 2020 / 12:14 PM