Deadly fire at huge Indian plant cranking out Oxford COVID vaccine

It says it should have 100 million doses produced by March.India launched what has been described as the world’s biggest mass-vaccination drive on Saturday.  

Earlier in the day Poonawalla said production of the coronavirus vaccine, produced in India under the brand name Covishield, would not be affected by the fire.  

“Today is an extremely sorrowful day for all of us at Serum Institute of India. The project, aimed at ensuring fair distribution of coronavirus vaccines around the world, has secured an order of 200 million doses from the Serum facility. 

Efforts underway to achieve global immunizati…  

Serum Institute of India is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer by volume, producing 1.5 billion doses annually of drugs to combat a range of diseases including polio, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis B, measles, mumps and rubella. Deadly fire at massive Indian plant cranking out Oxford’s COVID vaccine

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Bangladesh, Nepal, and several African and central Asian countries are expecting their first shipments of Covishield in the coming weeks.India exported first batches of the Oxford-formulated vaccine from Serum to Bhutan and the Maldives on Wednesday. The government plans to immunize 300 million people by July. Along with the Covishield shots, India will also use Covaxin, a domestic vaccine produced by Bharat Biotech. The cause not immediately clear. The Serum Institute started shipping out hundreds of thousands of doses of Covishield just last week. AFP via Getty

The fire broke out Thursday afternoon in a building still under construction on the 100-acre site in the southwest city of Pune. Their bodies were recovered from the charred floors of the building.  

Firemen douse a fire at the Serum Institute of India in Pune, India, January 21, 2021. Its products are exported to more than 170 countries. Several middle- and low-income nations are relying on the Serum Institute to supply their coronavirus vaccine stocks through the global, World Health Organization-backed, COVAX plan. He said the victims’ families would be offered “compensation” of about $34,000 each, in addition to any mandated payout.Pune Mayor Murlidhar Mohol confirmed that five people had died. Zargar

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New Delhi — Five people were killed by a fire that erupted at the sprawling complex of the Serum Institute of India, one of the world’s biggest vaccine-making facilities which is currently producing millions of doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. 

Workers wearing protective gear are seen after a fire broke out at the Serum Institute of India, in Pune, January 21, 2021. Anadolu Agency/Getty

Police and fire officials said the fire would be investigated. It was brought under control by Thursday evening, but at least two of the top floors of the five-story building were gutted. The U.K.’s mass-vaccination plan is also relying heavily on the Oxford/AstraZeneca drug, but that stock is being produced in Britain. 
First published on January 21, 2021 / 10:36 AM Regrettably, there were losses of lives in the fire that broke out,” Adar Poonawalla, CEO and owner of the Serum Institute of India said in a statement.